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EdTech startups need help – all the help they can get.  But how can they accelerate their growth in an effective way?

This is where accelerator programmes can be extremely effective.  Education entrepreneurs may know a lot about educational and/or technology, but this is not the same as knowing how to fund and grow a successful educational technology business.  Nor will the average educator know many investors and VCs.  They tend to live in different worlds.  But again, this is where accelerator programmes can join the dots, make the introductions and put startups on the path to sustainable growth.

Emerge Education is a leading EdTech accelerator.  Based in London, Emerge was founded in January 2014 and since then it has supported 17 education companies.

In January 2015, the third cohort of startups joined the accelerator.  [Disclosure: I am a mentor to a number of the companies in the current cohort and I have invested in companies from previous cohorts]

There are 7 companies in the new cohort.  They are:

Learn Forward – An open source authoring tool for the next generation of textbooks

DoodleMaths – UK’s best-selling primary Maths app

pi-top – World’s first 3D printable, build it yourself, laptop

Unitu – A new way to engage with student voice

ncite – Games to bridge the gap between “knowing” and “doing”

OB3 – A web app to create media-rich study documents

recurrence (Emergent Insight) – Gamified business case studies using real company data


Check out the Emerge website.



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