StartUp Weekend London 2015

Last Friday saw the start of London’s 3rd ever start-up weekend for education, an event for teachers and ed tech creators to brainstorm business model creation, coding, design and market validation in 54 hours to create a brand new edtech business prototype.  Artemis D’Arcy from EdFuse reports.

The event kicked off with presentations from the weekend’s sponsors, which included a live demo of one of Get Kahoot!’s quizzes by community manager, Tavi Hirst. Some funny and memorable stories were also told by Incubus’s founder, George Johnston, about Incubus’s beginnings. It was then time for the attendees to pitch their ideas on stage, with over 30 ideas being pitched on areas ranging from psychology training, 3D printing, all the way through to language learning games, services for schools and CPD for teachers.


As team formations began to take place, frenzied team leaders were holding up their sheets of papers with ideas in a bid to obtain as many post-it note votes on their paper from attendees, with the usual hustle mainly taking place around developers joining teams. Once teams were formed, it was then time to start hacking!

A total of 13 wearied but fantastically passionate teams got up to pitch at London’s Google Campus on Sunday evening, who were assessed by a panel of judges to decide on the top three prizes.


The winning team was an innovative platform called Routemap, an app for university students to take online career challenges relevant to their courses or subjects of interest. In 2nd place was Informula, a platform for students and teachers to take pulse surveys tailored by school governors. 3rd place was awarded to Welcome Feedback, a social networking platform tailored by teachers to get feedback from each other.

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