The EdTech Scene in Dublin

Dublin is a mid-sized European city with a population under 2 million.  It’s small by comparison with Berlin, Paris and especially London.  You may be forgiven for thinking  that it is in the second tier of European EdTech.  But Dublin has a long history of birthing some of the most substantial EdTech businesses in both the Schools (K12) and Corporate Learning sectors.  The CBT Group, founded in 1983, ultimately became SmartForce/Skillsoft, the largest elearning provider in the US Corporate market.  Similarly, Riverdeep, founded in 1997, ultimately became Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), the largest provider of elearning content to US schools.

This history of success gives Irish EdTech Startups a strong sense of belief.  It also means that there is deep expertise in Dublin around scaling EdTech companies, particularly in the US.   Government agencies in Ireland have also been proactive about mobilising this expertise to support the next generation of EdTech Startups.

As I explain in the video below, the curious advantage of being from a country with a small domestic market is that it fuels a global mindset.  It fuels ambition and removes the blinkers that can limit ambition. The big EdTech opportunities are  global opportunities.

Dublin Beckett Bridge & Conference Centre

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